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A few years ago the Progressive Change Institute polled their members to discover what those Progressives thought were the most important things that Congress ought to be doing. The members came up with the list of issues that you can see if you go to the link below.

Then the Institute polled voters across the political spectrum about those “progressive” issues and discovered that the voters supported all those issues, usually by large majorities. Even when broken down as Republicans, Independents and Democrats, the voters in every category supported nearly every issue.

What this means is that Congress is not paying attention to ordinary voters of any kind or of any political perspective. Congress is insulated from having to be responsive to the voters because of the rampant gerrymandering that the establishment political parties engage in. In addition, people in Congress do pay attention to those who hand them the biggest campaign bribes.

That means that our government is anything but representative. It leaves you and me out in the cold.

Prog Change Inst – Poll of 2016 Voters