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It’s hard to know whether there is only one issue – or dozens. The one, core issue is the fact that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress don’t pay attention to the people who voted them into office – that’s you and me – and it doesn’t matter whether either of us is a Democrat or a Republican!

Here are some of the dozens of issues that voters across the political spectrum support, often by large majorities – and that Congress is sitting on its hand about:

  • Medicare for all and government negotiation of drug prices
  • Free education through college
  • Big cuts to the war budget
  • A progressive income tax with rates like those of the 1940s and 1950s
  • Expanded Social Security benefits and raising or elimination of the Social Security tax cap
  • Guaranteed net neutrality
  • Trade agreements that protect workers and the environment
  • Special prosecutor for killings by the police
  • Financial transactions tax
  • Restore Glass-Steagal

And the list goes on and on. To see the full list, go here.

The media and people in Congress will tell you that the members of Congress and the voters are polarized – and on some issues they are. But whenever something can be done to grant more tax cuts and bailouts to their rich sponsors at the expense of ordinary people, Congress does it. In that the two establishment parties are united. And as we have seen the people are united, too, in wanting programs that are good for all, not just for the wealthy few. It’s time to open up the government to more than just a few billionaire hogs!

Key to that is an electoral system that actually produces representative government. In a state  – and a country – as comprehensively gerrymandered as we have, representative government no longer exists. To see how completely the Washington Redistricting Commission has gerrymandered us in Washington State, go here.

Winner-take-all elections present an irresistible temptation to engage in gerrymandering of congressional districts. They are a means for both the Democrats and Republicans to defraud the public. Gerrymandering and legalized bribery mean that our elected “representatives” don’t represent us. For more on Congressional gerrymandering in Washington State, go here.

Money is not “Speech” – Corporations aren’t people. There are many issues on which voters agree across the political spectrum and often Democrats and Republicans do nothing about. Implementing Automatic voter registration, stopping voter suppression, public funding of elections, proportional representation and rank choice voting.

The current legal system subsidizes corporations, and elevates commerce over people and nature.  We need environmental policies based on the well-being of communities and nature, not corporations. We need a Green New Deal in which new jobs and industries are created by building new sources of energy and leaving outdated fuels behind. Rights for nature are needed now more than ever.



  • Need for a progressive income tax
  • Unions should be available – easily – to every employee
  • It’s time for a Universal Basic Income
  • Housing for all – no matter what
  • End  the cash bail system – it puts people in jail and wrecks their lives because they are poor
  • End for-profit prisons



Cut the Military Budget Big Time! The US has over 900 military bases abroad while our infrastructure is falling apart at home, we need to redirect that money to serve the interests of the people, not the wealthy “defense” industry.

A real investigation into 9/11 also needs to be done. There are multiple pieces of evidence to indicate that the story that was sold to the American public was misinformation.